Zenobia 1939

A modest country doctor in the antebellum South has to contend with his daughter's upcoming marriage and an affectionate medicine show elephant.

All Titles
  • This Time It's Love
  • We the People
  • It's Spring Again
  • Zenobia, der Jahrmarktselefant
  • BR: Zenóbia Zenóbia
  • DK: Elefanter glemmer aldrig Elefanter glemmer aldrig
  • FI: Zenobia Zenobia
  • FR: Deux bons copains Deux bons copains
  • GR: Giatros, pathos kai Sia Giatros, pathos kai Sia
  • IT: Ollio sposo mattacchione Ollio sposo mattacchione
  • PT: Veterinários à Força Veterinários à Força
  • ES: Zenobia Zenobia
  • SE: Doktorn i dilemma Doktorn i dilemma
  • UA: Elephants Never Forget Elephants Never Forget
  • YU: Nesrecni veterinar Nesrecni veterinar
Directed by Gordon Douglas show all movies of Gordon Douglas
Artists Billie Burke
as Mrs. Tibbett
Oliver Hardy
as Dr. Tibbett
Harry Langdon
as Professor McCrackle
Release date 21 Apr 1939
Genre Comedy
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