You 2018

A dangerously charming, intensely obsessive young man goes to extreme measures to insert himself into the lives of those he is transfixed by.

All Titles
  • Ti
  • AR: You You
  • AU: You You
  • BA: Ti Ti
  • BR: Você Você
  • BR: Você Você
  • CA: You You
  • FR: You You
  • DE: You: Du wirst mich lieben You: Du wirst mich lieben
  • HU: Te Te
  • IO: You You
  • IT: Tu Tu
  • MX: You You
  • PL: Ty Ty
  • PT: Tu Tu
  • RU: Ты Ты
  • RS: Ti Ti
  • ES: You You
  • TW: 安眠書店 安眠書店
  • TR: Sen Sen
  • UA: Ти Ти
  • UA: You You
  • BY: Ты Ты
  • BG: Ти Ти
  • CA: You You
  • IO: You You
  • ID: You You
  • IT: You You
  • JP: YOU ー君がすべてー YOU ー君がすべてー
  • JP: You You
  • JP: 君は 君は
  • NL: You You
  • PE: You You
  • PH: You You
  • PT: Tu Tu
  • RO: Tu Tu
  • RS: Ти Ти
  • SG: You You
  • SK: Ty Ty
  • KR: 너의 모든 것 너의 모든 것
  • SE: You You
  • AE: You You
  • VN: Kẻ Đeo Bám Kẻ Đeo Bám
Artists John Stamos
as Dr. Nicky
Emily Bergl
as Nancy Whitesell
Saffron Burrows
as Dottie Quinn
Release date 26 Dec 2018
Genre Crime Drama Romance Thriller
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