Winged Creatures 2008

A group of strangers form a unique relationship with each other after surviving a random shooting at a Los Angeles diner.

All Titles
  • Fragments
  • Fragments
  • AR: Tan sólo un instante Tan sólo un instante
  • BR: O Efeito da Fúria O Efeito da Fúria
  • BG: Крилати същества Крилати същества
  • FI: Fragments Fragments
  • FR: Fragments Fragments
  • GR: Akrovates tis zois Akrovates tis zois
  • HU: Szárnyas teremtmények Szárnyas teremtmények
  • IT: Winged Creatures - Il giorno del destino Winged Creatures - Il giorno del destino
  • JP: Breaking Point Breaking Point
  • LT: Sparnuoti padarai Sparnuoti padarai
  • MX: Un camino, muchos destinos Un camino, muchos destinos
  • NL: Fragments Fragments
  • PL: Skrzydlate cienie Skrzydlate cienie
  • RO: Fragmente Fragmente
  • RU: Полет длиною в жизнь Полет длиною в жизнь
  • ES: Fragmentos Fragmentos
  • SE: Fragments Fragments
  • UA: Fragments Fragments
Directed by Rowan Woods
Artists Kate Beckinsale
as Carla Davenport
Jeanne Tripplehorn
as Doris Hagen
Embeth Davidtz
as Joan Laraby
Release date 26 Feb 2009
Genre Crime Drama
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