White Christmas 1954

A successful song-and-dance team become romantically involved with a sister act and team up to save the failing Vermont inn of their former commanding general.

All Titles
  • Светлое Рождество
  • Irving Berlin's White Christmas
  • Weiße Weihnachten
  • AR: Blanca Navidad Blanca Navidad
  • AU: Irving Berlin's White Christmas Irving Berlin's White Christmas
  • AT: Weiße Weihnacht Weiße Weihnacht
  • BE: Noël blanc Noël blanc
  • BE: Witte Kerstmis Witte Kerstmis
  • BR: Natal Branco Natal Branco
  • BG: Бяла Коледа Бяла Коледа
  • CA: Noël blanc Noël blanc
  • CL: Navidades blancas Navidades blancas
  • CZ: Bílé Vánoce Bílé Vánoce
  • DK: Hvid jul Hvid jul
  • DK: White Christmas White Christmas
  • FI: Valkea joulu Valkea joulu
  • FR: Noël blanc Noël blanc
  • DE: Weiße Weihnachten Weiße Weihnachten
  • GR: Λευκά Χριστούγεννα Λευκά Χριστούγεννα
  • HU: Fehér karácsony Fehér karácsony
  • IT: Bianco Natale Bianco Natale
  • MX: Blanca navidad Blanca navidad
  • NO: White Christmas White Christmas
  • PL: Biale Boze Narodzenie Biale Boze Narodzenie
  • PT: Natal Branco Natal Branco
  • RO: Craciun alb Craciun alb
  • ES: Navidades blancas Navidades blancas
  • ES: Nadal blanc Nadal blanc
  • SE: White Christmas White Christmas
  • TR: Eglenceler oteli Eglenceler oteli
  • UA: Свiтле Рiздво Свiтле Рiздво
  • UA: Irving Berlin's White Christmas Irving Berlin's White Christmas
  • YU: Beli Bozic Beli Bozic
Directed by Michael Curtiz
Artists Bing Crosby
as Bob Wallace
Danny Kaye
as Phil Davis
Release date 21 Dec 1954
Genre Comedy Musical Romance
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White Christmas 1954