What's Your Number? 2011

A woman looks back at the past nineteen men she's had relationships with in her life and wonders if one of them might be her one true love.

All Titles
  • 20 Times a Lady
  • AR: Contando a mis ex Contando a mis ex
  • BR: Qual Seu Número? Qual Seu Número?
  • BG: Точната бройка Точната бройка
  • CA: C'est quoi ton numéro? C'est quoi ton numéro?
  • CL: Contando a mis ex Contando a mis ex
  • HR: Koji je tvoj broj? Koji je tvoj broj?
  • FI: Sinun numerosi? - Kuinka monta on liian paljon? Sinun numerosi? - Kuinka monta on liian paljon?
  • FR: (S)ex List (S)ex List
  • DE: Der perfekte Ex Der perfekte Ex
  • GR: 20 ypopsifioi gabroi 20 ypopsifioi gabroi
  • HU: Számos pasas Számos pasas
  • IL: Ma ha'mispar shelha? Ma ha'mispar shelha?
  • IT: (S)ex list (S)ex list
  • LT: Blondine iesko vyro Blondine iesko vyro
  • PL: Ilu miałaś facetów? Ilu miałaś facetów?
  • PT: A Lista dos Ex A Lista dos Ex
  • RO: Care-i numarul tau? Care-i numarul tau?
  • RU: Сколько у тебя? Сколько у тебя?
  • RS: Svi moji bivši Svi moji bivši
  • SI: Kateri je pravi? Kateri je pravi?
  • ES: Dime con cuántos Dime con cuántos
  • TR: Senden Önce Senden Önce
  • UA: Скiльки у тебе? Скiльки у тебе?
Directed by Mark Mylod
Artists Ed Begley Jr.
as Mr. Darling
Blythe Danner
as Ava Darling
Steve Bankuti
as Daisy's Band Member
Release date 30 Sep 2011
Genre Comedy Romance
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What's Your Number? 2011