Werewolf of London 1935

The juice of a rare Tibetan flower is the only thing that keeps Dr. Glendon from turning into a werewolf during a full moon.

All Titles
  • Лондонский оборотень
  • AT: Der Werwolf von London Der Werwolf von London
  • BR: O Homem Lobo O Homem Lobo
  • BR: O Lobisomem de Londres O Lobisomem de Londres
  • CZ: Vlkodlak v Londýně Vlkodlak v Londýně
  • DK: Dr. Yogami fra London Dr. Yogami fra London
  • FR: Le monstre de Londres Le monstre de Londres
  • DE: Der Werwolf von London Der Werwolf von London
  • GR: O lykos tou Londinou O lykos tou Londinou
  • HU: A londoni vérfarkas A londoni vérfarkas
  • HU: Emberfarkas Emberfarkas
  • IT: Il segreto del Tibet Il segreto del Tibet
  • NL: De weerwolf van London De weerwolf van London
  • PT: O Lobo Humano O Lobo Humano
  • ES: El lobo humano El lobo humano
  • SE: Dr Yogami från London Dr Yogami från London
  • : Unholy Hour Unholy Hour
Directed by Stuart Walker
Artists Spring Byington
as Miss Ettie Coombes
Reginald Barlow
as Timothy - Falden Caretaker
Jeanne Bartlett
as Daisy
Release date 13 May 1935
Genre Drama Fantasy Horror
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