Weeds 2005

Comedy Crime Drama

When a suburban mother turns to dealing marijuana in order to maintain her privileged lifestyle after her husband dies, she finds out just how addicted her entire neighborhood already is.

All Titles
  • AR: La traficante La traficante
  • AR: Weeds Weeds
  • BG: Трева Трева
  • HR: Trava Trava
  • CZ: Tráva Tráva
  • FI: Weeds Weeds
  • FR: Weeds Weeds
  • DE: Weeds - Kleine Deals unter Nachbarn Weeds - Kleine Deals unter Nachbarn
  • GR: Weeds: Douleies me... fountes Weeds: Douleies me... fountes
  • HU: Spangli Spangli
  • HU: Nancy ül a fûben Nancy ül a fûben
  • PL: Trawka Trawka
  • PT: Erva Erva
  • RO: Ierburi Ierburi
  • RU: Дурман Дурман
  • RS: Trava Trava
  • ES: Weeds Weeds
  • UA: Косяки Косяки
Artists Linda Hamilton
as 2 episodes, 2010
Aidan Quinn
as 4 episodes, 2011
Peter Stormare
as 2 episodes, 2010
Released 07 Aug 2005
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