Wedding Crashers 2005

John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey, a pair of committed womanizers who sneak into weddings to take advantage of the romantic tinge in the air, find themselves at odds with one another when John meets and falls for Claire Cleary.

All Titles
  • AR: Los rompebodas Los rompebodas
  • AT: Die Hochzeits-Crasher Die Hochzeits-Crasher
  • BR: Penetras Bons de Bico Penetras Bons de Bico
  • BG: Ловци на шаферки Ловци на шаферки
  • CA: Garçons sans honneur Garçons sans honneur
  • CA: Wedding Crashers Wedding Crashers
  • HR: Lovci na djeveruše Lovci na djeveruše
  • CZ: Nesvatbovi Nesvatbovi
  • EC: Los rompebodas Los rompebodas
  • EE: Pulmakütid Pulmakütid
  • FI: Kuokkavieraat Kuokkavieraat
  • FI: Wedding Crashers Wedding Crashers
  • FI: The Wedding Crashers The Wedding Crashers
  • FR: Serial noceurs Serial noceurs
  • DE: Die Hochzeits-Crasher Die Hochzeits-Crasher
  • GR: Gamo-belades Gamo-belades
  • GR: Γαμο-μπελάδες Γαμο-μπελάδες
  • HU: Ünneprontók ünnepe Ünneprontók ünnepe
  • IT: 2 single a nozze 2 single a nozze
  • LT: Slepkit pamerges! Slepkit pamerges!
  • MX: Los cazanovias Los cazanovias
  • NO: Bryllupssnyltere Bryllupssnyltere
  • PE: Los rompebodas Los rompebodas
  • PL: Polowanie na druhny Polowanie na druhny
  • PT: Os Fura-Casamentos Os Fura-Casamentos
  • RO: Spargatorii de nunti Spargatorii de nunti
  • RU: Незваные гости Незваные гости
  • RS: Lovci na deveruše Lovci na deveruše
  • SI: Lovca na druzice Lovca na druzice
  • ES: De boda en boda De boda en boda
  • TR: Davetsiz çapkinlar Davetsiz çapkinlar
  • UA: Непроханi гостi Непроханi гостi
  • UY: Los rompebodas Los rompebodas
Directed by David Dobkin
Artists Rebecca De Mornay
as Mrs. Kroeger
Vince Vaughn
as Jeremy Grey
Christopher Walken
as Secretary Cleary
Release date 15 Jul 2005
Genre Comedy Romance
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