Weapons of Mass Distraction 1997

Two media moguls get into a nasty power struggle for the ownership of a pro football team which takes a drastic effect on their personal and professional lives.

All Titles
  • BG: Оръжия за масово поразяване Оръжия за масово поразяване
  • DE: Im Sog der Gier Im Sog der Gier
  • GR: M.M.E.: Mesa mazikis exontosis M.M.E.: Mesa mazikis exontosis
  • HU: A tömegpusztítás fegyverei A tömegpusztítás fegyverei
  • PL: Wojna mediów Wojna mediów
  • PT: O Quarto Poder O Quarto Poder
  • ES: Armados de poder Armados de poder
  • SE: Dirty Game Dirty Game
Directed by Stephen Surjik
Artists Mimi Rogers
as Ariel Powers (aka Alexi)
Gabriel Byrne
as Lionel Powers
R. Lee Ermey
as Billy Paxton
Release date 17 May 1997
Genre Comedy Drama Crime
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