Water Birds 1952

A documentary for children that looks at different types of water birds, where they are found,what they eat and the dangers they encounter in there every day life.

All Titles
  • A True-Life Adventure: Water Birds
  • Wasservögel
  • BE: Watervogels Watervogels
  • DK: Søfuglenes hverdag Søfuglenes hverdag
  • FI: Siipiä veden yllä Siipiä veden yllä
  • FR: Les Oiseaux Aquatiques Les Oiseaux Aquatiques
  • IT: Pescatori alati Pescatori alati
  • SE: Sjöfåglar Sjöfåglar
  • SE: Vingar på vattnet Vingar på vattnet
Directed by Ben Sharpsteen show all movies of Ben Sharpsteen
Artists Winston Hibler
as Narrator
Release date 26 Jun 1952
Genre Documentary Short Family
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