Watchmen 2009

In 1985 where former superheroes exist, the murder of a colleague sends active vigilante Rorschach into his own sprawling investigation, uncovering something that could completely change the course of history as we know it.

All Titles
  • Watchmen: The IMAX Experience
  • AR: Watchmen: Los vigilantes Watchmen: Los vigilantes
  • BR: Watchmen: O Filme Watchmen: O Filme
  • BG: Пазителите Пазителите
  • CA: Les gardiens Les gardiens
  • HR: Čuvari Čuvari
  • CZ: Strážci - Watchmen Strážci - Watchmen
  • EE: Valvurid Valvurid
  • FR: Watchmen: Les gardiens Watchmen: Les gardiens
  • DE: Watchmen: Die Wächter Watchmen: Die Wächter
  • GR: Watchmen Watchmen
  • HU: Watchmen: Az őrzők Watchmen: Az őrzők
  • IL: Ha'shomrim Ha'shomrim
  • IT: Watchmen Watchmen
  • JP: Watchmen Watchmen
  • LV: Sargi Sargi
  • LT: Stebetoju Lyga Stebetoju Lyga
  • MX: Watchmen, los vigilantes Watchmen, los vigilantes
  • NO: Watchmen Watchmen
  • PE: Los vigilantes Los vigilantes
  • PE: Watchmen - Los Vigilantes Watchmen - Los Vigilantes
  • PL: Watchmen. Strażnicy Watchmen. Strażnicy
  • PT: Watchmen: Os Guardiões Watchmen: Os Guardiões
  • RO: Cei ce vegheaza Cei ce vegheaza
  • RU: Хранители Хранители
  • RS: Nadzirači Nadzirači
  • SK: Strazcovia Strazcovia
  • SI: Varuhi Varuhi
  • ES: Watchmen Watchmen
  • TR: Watchmen Watchmen
  • UA: Хранителi Хранителi
  • UY: Watchmen: Los vigilantes Watchmen: Los vigilantes
  • VE: Los vigilantes Los vigilantes
  • VN: Nguoi hùng báo thù Nguoi hùng báo thù
Directed by Zack Snyder
Artists Sylvester Stallone
as John J. Rambo (archive footage)
Billy Crudup
as Dr. Manhattan / Jon Osterman
Matt Frewer
as Moloch
Release date 06 Mar 2009
Genre Action Drama Mystery Sci-Fi
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Watchmen 2009