Warriors of Virtue 1997

A young boy is whisked away to the mythical land of Tao where he becomes the center of a conflict between an evil lord and a group of animal warriors.

All Titles
  • BR: Guerreiros da Virtude Guerreiros da Virtude
  • CA: Les guerriers de la vertue Les guerriers de la vertue
  • FI: Hyveen soturit Hyveen soturit
  • FR: Magic warriors Magic warriors
  • DE: Creature Zone Creature Zone
  • DE: Die Krieger des Tao-Universums Die Krieger des Tao-Universums
  • GR: Oi mahites tou Kalou Oi mahites tou Kalou
  • HK: Wu xing zhan shi Wu xing zhan shi
  • HU: A tao harcosai A tao harcosai
  • PL: Wojownicy cnoty Wojownicy cnoty
  • PL: Wirtualni wojownicy Wirtualni wojownicy
  • RU: Доблестные воины Доблестные воины
  • ES: Guerreros de la virtud Guerreros de la virtud
  • SE: Kraftens krigare Kraftens krigare
  • TR: Erdem savasçilari Erdem savasçilari
Directed by Ronny Yu show all movies of Ronny Yu
Artists Ian James Corlett
as Mayor Keena (voice)
Angus Macfadyen
as Komodo
Marley Shelton
as Elysia
Release date 02 May 1997
Genre Action Adventure Fantasy
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