Volcano 1997

A volcano erupts in downtown Los Angeles, threatening to destroy the city.

All Titles
  • AR: Volcano Volcano
  • BR: Volcano - A Fúria Volcano - A Fúria
  • BR: Volcano Volcano
  • BR: Volcano: A Fúria Volcano: A Fúria
  • BG: Вулкан Вулкан
  • CA: Volcan Volcan
  • CL: Volcano Volcano
  • HR: Vulkan Vulkan
  • DK: Volcano Volcano
  • FI: Tulivuori Tulivuori
  • FR: Volcano Volcano
  • DE: Volcano - Heisser als die Hölle Volcano - Heisser als die Hölle
  • GR: Ifaisteio Ifaisteio
  • GR: Ηφαίστειο Ηφαίστειο
  • HU: Tűzhányó Tűzhányó
  • IT: Vulcano - Los Angeles 1997 Vulcano - Los Angeles 1997
  • LT: Ugnikalnis Ugnikalnis
  • MX: Volcano Volcano
  • NO: Vulkanen Vulkanen
  • PL: Wulkan Wulkan
  • PT: Vulcão Vulcão
  • RU: Вулкан Вулкан
  • RS: Vulkan Vulkan
  • SI: Vulkan Vulkan
  • ES: Volcano Volcano
  • TR: Volcano Volcano
Directed by Mick Jackson
Artists Anne Heche
as Dr. Amy Barnes
Tommy Lee Jones
as Mike Roark
Don Cheadle
as Emmit Reese
Release date 25 Apr 1997
Genre Action Drama Sci-Fi Thriller
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