Viva Villa! 1934

After enacting revenge on the overseer who murdered his father,

All Titles
  • Да здравствует Вилья!
  • AR: Viva Villa Viva Villa
  • AT: Viva Villa Viva Villa
  • BR: Viva Villa! Viva Villa!
  • DK: Viva Villa Viva Villa
  • FR: Viva Villa! Viva Villa!
  • DE: Schrei der Gehetzten Schrei der Gehetzten
  • GR: Viva Villa Viva Villa
  • HU: Viva Villa Viva Villa
  • JP: Ki Suguru Pancho Ki Suguru Pancho
  • PT: Viva Villa! Viva Villa!
  • ES: Viva Villa Viva Villa
  • SE: Viva Villa! Viva Villa!
Directed by Howard Hawks Jack Conway
Artists Noah Beery Jr.
as (scenes deleted)
Wallace Beery
as Pancho Villa
Donald Cook
as Don Felipe de Castillo
Release date 27 Apr 1934
Genre Biography Western
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Viva Villa! 1934