Videodrome 1983

When he acquires a different kind of show for his station, a sleazy cable-TV programmer begins to see his life and the future of media spin out of control in a terrifying new reality.

All Titles
  • CA: Videodrome Videodrome
  • AR: Cuerpos invadidos Cuerpos invadidos
  • AT: Videodrome Videodrome
  • BR: Videodrome: A Síndrome do Vídeo Videodrome: A Síndrome do Vídeo
  • BG: Видеодрум Видеодрум
  • CA: Network of Blood Network of Blood
  • CA: Vidéodrome Vidéodrome
  • CA: Zonekiller Zonekiller
  • CA: Videodrome Videodrome
  • DK: Videodrome Videodrome
  • FI: Videodrome - förgängelsens vapen Videodrome - förgängelsens vapen
  • FI: Videodrome - Tuhon ase Videodrome - Tuhon ase
  • FR: Vidéodrome Vidéodrome
  • GR: Βιντεοντρόμ Βιντεοντρόμ
  • GR: Βιντεοδρόμιο Βιντεοδρόμιο
  • HU: Videodrome Videodrome
  • JP: Videodrome Videodrome
  • LT: Videodromas Videodromas
  • MX: Cuerpos invadidos Cuerpos invadidos
  • PE: Cuerpos invadidos Cuerpos invadidos
  • PL: Wideodrom Wideodrom
  • PT: Experiência Alucinante Experiência Alucinante
  • RS: Videodrom Videodrom
  • CA: Видеодром Видеодром
  • ES: Videodrome Videodrome
  • SE: Videodrome Videodrome
  • TR: Videodrome Videodrome
  • CA: Videodrome Videodrome
Directed by David Cronenberg
Artists James Woods
as Max Renn
David Cronenberg
as Max Renn (Helmet Scenes)
Debbie Harry
as Nicki Brand
Release date 04 Feb 1983
Genre Horror Sci-Fi Thriller
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