Valentine's Day 2010

Intertwining couples and singles in Los Angeles break-up and make-up based on the pressures and expectations of Valentine's Day.

All Titles
  • AR: Día de los enamorados Día de los enamorados
  • BR: Idas e Vindas do Amor Idas e Vindas do Amor
  • BG: Денят на влюбените Денят на влюбените
  • CA: La Saint-Valentin La Saint-Valentin
  • HR: Dan zaljubljenih Dan zaljubljenih
  • CZ: Na sv. Valentýna Na sv. Valentýna
  • DK: Valentine's Day Valentine's Day
  • EE: Valentinipäev Valentinipäev
  • FI: Ystävänpäivä Ystävänpäivä
  • FR: Valentine's Day Valentine's Day
  • DE: Valentinstag Valentinstag
  • GR: Valentine's Day Valentine's Day
  • HU: Valentin nap Valentin nap
  • IL: Yom Ha'ahava Yom Ha'ahava
  • IT: Appuntamento con l'amore Appuntamento con l'amore
  • LV: Valentina diena Valentina diena
  • LT: Valentino diena Valentino diena
  • MX: Día de los enamorados Día de los enamorados
  • PE: Día de los enamorados Día de los enamorados
  • PL: Walentynki Walentynki
  • PT: Dia dos Namorados Dia dos Namorados
  • RO: Ziua indragostitilor Ziua indragostitilor
  • RU: День святого Валентина День святого Валентина
  • RS: Dan zaljubljenih Dan zaljubljenih
  • SK: Valentín Valentín
  • SI: Valentinovo Valentinovo
  • ES: Historias de San Valentín Historias de San Valentín
  • TR: Sevgililer günü Sevgililer günü
  • UA: День Святого Валентина День Святого Валентина
  • UY: Día de los enamorados Día de los enamorados
Directed by Garry Marshall
Artists Julia Roberts
as Captain Kate Hazeltine
Shirley MacLaine
as Estelle
Kathy Bates
as Susan
Release date 12 Feb 2010
Genre Comedy Romance
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