Vacancy 2007

A married couple becomes stranded at an isolated motel and finds hidden video cameras in their room. They soon realize that unless they escape, they'll be the next victims of a snuff film.

All Titles
  • AR: Hotel sin salida Hotel sin salida
  • BR: Temos Vagas Temos Vagas
  • BG: Свободни стаи Свободни стаи
  • CA: Vacant Vacant
  • HR: Motel Motel
  • CZ: Motel smrti Motel smrti
  • FI: Vacancy - salaisuuksien majatalo Vacancy - salaisuuksien majatalo
  • FI: Vacancy Vacancy
  • FR: MoRtel MoRtel
  • FR: Motel Motel
  • DE: Motel Motel
  • GR: Adiexodo Adiexodo
  • GR: Αδιέξοδο Αδιέξοδο
  • HU: Elhagyott szoba Elhagyott szoba
  • IT: Vacancy Vacancy
  • MX: Hotel sin salida Hotel sin salida
  • PE: Hotel sin salida Hotel sin salida
  • PL: Motel Motel
  • PT: O Motel O Motel
  • RO: Motelul groazei Motelul groazei
  • RU: Вакансия на жертву Вакансия на жертву
  • RS: Motel užasa Motel užasa
  • SK: Motel smrti Motel smrti
  • SI: Proste sobe Proste sobe
  • ES: Habitación sin salida Habitación sin salida
  • TR: Bos oda Bos oda
  • VE: Hotel sin salida Hotel sin salida
Directed by Nimród Antal
Artists Kate Beckinsale
as Amy Fox
Frank Whaley
as Mason
Luke Wilson
as David Fox
Release date 20 Apr 2007
Genre Crime Horror Thriller
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