V 2009

An extraterrestrial race arrives on Earth with seemingly good intentions, only to slowly reveal their true machinations the more ingrained into society they become.

All Titles
  • BR: V: Visitantes V: Visitantes
  • BG: Посетители Посетители
  • HR: Posjetitelji Posjetitelji
  • DE: V - Die Besucher V - Die Besucher
  • GR: V V
  • HU: V, mint veszélyes V, mint veszélyes
  • PL: Goście Goście
  • RU: Vизитeры Vизитeры
  • RS: Posetioci Posetioci
  • SI: V: Obisk iz vesolja V: Obisk iz vesolja
  • ES: V V
Artists Oded Fehr
as Eli Cohn / 3 episodes, 2011
Carmen Aguirre
as 2 episodes, 2010-2011
Reese Alexander
as 1 episode, 2010
Release date 03 Nov 2009
Genre Drama Sci-Fi Thriller
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