Ustanicka ulica 2012

It has been years since the war ended. A young deputy prosecutor, Dusan, handling the investigation of war crimes, is assigned to investigate the formation of a paramilitary group. Quickly ...

All Titles
  • RS: Ustanicka ulica Ustanicka ulica
  • HR: Ustanička ulica Ustanička ulica
  • HU: Redemption Street Redemption Street
  • RU: Улица повстанцев Улица повстанцев
  • RS: Ustanička ulica Ustanička ulica
  • RS: Ustanicka ulica Ustanicka ulica
  • SE: Redemption Street Redemption Street
  • RS: Redemption Street Redemption Street
Directed by Miroslav Terzic
Artists Marko Bacovic
as Inspektor Ratkovic
Petar Bozovic
as Grbavi
Predrag Ejdus
as Otac
Release date 13 Mar 2012
Genre Drama Thriller
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