Urban Justice 2007

When a dedicated police officer is murdered, his father goes on a hunt for the people responsible.

All Titles
  • Once Upon a Time in the Hood
  • AR: Justicia urbana Justicia urbana
  • BR: Justiça urbana Justiça urbana
  • BG: Градска справедливост Градска справедливост
  • EE: Verine õigus Verine õigus
  • FI: Urban justice Urban justice
  • FR: Urban Justice Urban Justice
  • DE: Urban Justice - Blinde Rache Urban Justice - Blinde Rache
  • GR: Apostatis timoros Apostatis timoros
  • HU: Volt egyszer egy igazság Volt egyszer egy igazság
  • IT: Urban Justice - Città violenta Urban Justice - Città violenta
  • JP: Chinmoku no houfuku Chinmoku no houfuku
  • NL: Renegade Justice Renegade Justice
  • PL: Sprawiedliwosc ulicy Sprawiedliwosc ulicy
  • PT: Lei Urbana Lei Urbana
  • RO: Justitie urbana Justitie urbana
  • RU: Найти убийцу Найти убийцу
  • ES: Ley urbana Ley urbana
  • ES: Justicia urbana Justicia urbana
  • UA: Renegade Justice Renegade Justice
Directed by Don E. FauntLeRoy
Artists Steven Seagal
as Simon Ballister
Danny Trejo
as El Chivo
Josh Berry
as Detective Brown
Release date 13 Nov 2007
Genre Action Crime Thriller
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