Unstoppable 2010

With an unmanned, half-mile-long freight train barreling toward a city, a veteran engineer and a young conductor race against the clock to prevent a catastrophe.

All Titles
  • 8888
  • Runaway Train
  • AR: Imparable Imparable
  • BE: Unstoppable Unstoppable
  • BR: Incontrolável Incontrolável
  • BG: Неудържим Неудържим
  • CA: À fond de train À fond de train
  • HR: Nezaustavljivi Nezaustavljivi
  • EE: Pidurdamatu Pidurdamatu
  • FI: Unstoppable - pysäyttämätön Unstoppable - pysäyttämätön
  • FR: Unstoppable Unstoppable
  • GE: Umartavi Umartavi
  • DE: Unstoppable: Außer Kontrolle Unstoppable: Außer Kontrolle
  • GR: Astamatito Astamatito
  • GR: Ασταμάτητο Ασταμάτητο
  • HU: Száguldó bomba Száguldó bomba
  • IL: Lo nittenet laatzira Lo nittenet laatzira
  • IT: Unstoppable - Fuori controllo Unstoppable - Fuori controllo
  • JP: Ansutoppaburu Ansutoppaburu
  • LV: Neapturamais Neapturamais
  • LT: Nevaldoma gresme Nevaldoma gresme
  • PE: Imparable Imparable
  • PL: Niepowstrzymany Niepowstrzymany
  • PT: Imparável Imparável
  • RO: De neoprit De neoprit
  • RU: Неуправляемый Неуправляемый
  • RS: Nezaustavljiv Nezaustavljiv
  • SK: Nezastavitel'ný Nezastavitel'ný
  • SI: Neustavljiv Neustavljiv
  • ES: Imparable Imparable
  • TR: Durdurulamaz Durdurulamaz
  • UA: Некерований Некерований
  • UY: Imparable Imparable
  • VN: Doan Tau Khong Phanh Doan Tau Khong Phanh
Directed by Tony Scott
Artists Denzel Washington
as Frank
Kevin Chapman
as Bunny
Release date 12 Nov 2010
Genre Action Thriller
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Unstoppable 2010