Unlikely Angel 1996

Dolly Parton portrayed a country music performer who meets an untimely demise, but cannot enter heaven until she performs a good deed back on Earth, to get a workaholic widower and his ...

All Titles
  • DE: Ein Engel auf Probe Ein Engel auf Probe
  • GR: Enas diaforetikos angelos Enas diaforetikos angelos
  • IT: Come in una favola Come in una favola
  • ES: Ángel para todo Ángel para todo
  • SE: Räddande ängel Räddande ängel
Directed by Michael Switzer
Artists Dolly Parton
as Ruby Diamond
Roddy McDowall
as Saint Peter
Ricki Dale
as Secretary
Release date 17 Dec 1996
Genre Comedy Fantasy
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