Union Pacific 1939

In 1862, Central Pacific and Union Pacific Railroads compete westward across the wilderness toward California.

All Titles
  • Юнион Пасифик
  • AT: Pacific-Express Pacific-Express
  • AT: Union Pacific Union Pacific
  • BE: Pacific Express Pacific Express
  • BR: Aliança de Aço Aliança de Aço
  • CA: Union Pacific Union Pacific
  • CA: Pacific Express Pacific Express
  • FI: Urhojen tie Urhojen tie
  • FR: Pacific Express Pacific Express
  • DE: Die Frau gehört mir Die Frau gehört mir
  • DE: Union Pacific Union Pacific
  • GR: I megali peripeteia I megali peripeteia
  • HU: Acélkaraván Acélkaraván
  • IR: Khatte Ahane Pacific Khatte Ahane Pacific
  • IT: La via dei giganti La via dei giganti
  • PT: Aliança de Aço Aliança de Aço
  • RO: Compania feroviara Union Pacific Compania feroviara Union Pacific
  • SI: Union Pacific Union Pacific
  • ES: Unión Pacífico Unión Pacífico
  • TR: Atlas ekspresi Atlas ekspresi
  • YU: Union Pacific Union Pacific
Directed by Cecil B. DeMille
Artists Anthony Quinn
as Cordray
Ward Bond
as Tracklayer
Lon Chaney Jr.
as Dollarhide
Release date 05 May 1939
Genre Drama Western
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