Union Depot 1932

Travelers of different and varied backgrounds meet and interact on one night in a metropolitan train station and its environs.

All Titles
  • AT: Gentleman für eine Nacht Gentleman für eine Nacht
  • BR: Cavalheiro por um Dia Cavalheiro por um Dia
  • DK: Grand-Central Grand-Central
  • DE: Gentleman für einen Tag Gentleman für einen Tag
  • IT: Il vagabondo e la ballerina Il vagabondo e la ballerina
  • PT: Estação Central Estação Central
  • ES: Caballero por un día Caballero por un día
  • SE: Gentleman för en dag Gentleman för en dag
  • UA: Gentleman for a Day Gentleman for a Day
Directed by Alfred E. Green
Artists Joan Blondell
as Ruth Collins
Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
as Chick Miller
Alan Hale
as The Baron - aka Bushy Sloan
Release date 18 Apr 1932
Genre Comedy Drama Romance
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