Unforgettable 1996

A medical examiner, who was suspected of murdering his wife, is trying an experimental drug to retrieve his wife's and others' memory and maybe find the killer and the mass murderer in a related present case.

All Titles
  • AR: Recuerdos mortales Recuerdos mortales
  • BR: Inesquecível Inesquecível
  • BG: Незабравимо Незабравимо
  • CA: Double mémoire Double mémoire
  • FR: Mémoires suspectes Mémoires suspectes
  • DE: Im Augenblick des Todes Im Augenblick des Todes
  • GR: Den boro na se xehaso Den boro na se xehaso
  • HU: Felejthetetlen Felejthetetlen
  • IT: Specchio della memoria Specchio della memoria
  • MX: Inolvidable Inolvidable
  • PL: Podwójna swiadomosc Podwójna swiadomosc
  • PT: Inesquecível Inesquecível
  • RU: Незабываемое Незабываемое
  • ES: Escondido en la memoria Escondido en la memoria
  • UA: Незабутнe Незабутнe
Directed by John Dahl
Artists Kim Cattrall
as Kelly
Linda Fiorentino
as Martha Briggs
Ray Liotta
as David Krane
Release date 23 Feb 1996
Genre Drama Mystery Sci-Fi Thriller
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