Un monde presque paisible 2002

Jewish tailor Albert (Abkarian) and his wife Lea (Breitman) are reestablishing their business in 1946 Paris. Albert hires six people, more than he needs to meet current slow season demand, ...

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  • FR: Un monde presque paisible Un monde presque paisible
  • BG: Един почти спокоен свят Един почти спокоен свят
  • PL: Cisza po burzy Cisza po burzy
  • FR: Almost Peaceful Almost Peaceful
Directed by Michel Deville show all movies of Michel Deville
Artists Simon Abkarian
as Albert
Lubna Azabal
as Jacqueline
Bernard Ballet
as Wasserman
Release date 18 Dec 2002
Genre Comedy Drama Romance
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