Ugly Betty 2006

Smart but wholesome Betty embraces her unique appearance and independent attitude in the cutthroat world of New York fashion.

All Titles
  • Betty the Ugly
  • AR: Ugly Betty Ugly Betty
  • BE: Ugly Betty Ugly Betty
  • BR: Ugly Betty Ugly Betty
  • BG: Грозната Бети Грозната Бети
  • CA: Chère Betty Chère Betty
  • HR: Ružna Betty Ružna Betty
  • DK: Ugly Betty Ugly Betty
  • EE: Inetu Betty Inetu Betty
  • FI: Fula Betty Fula Betty
  • FI: Ruma Betty Ruma Betty
  • FR: Ugly Betty Ugly Betty
  • DE: Alles Betty! Alles Betty!
  • GR: Ugly Betty Ugly Betty
  • HU: Ki ez a lány? Ki ez a lány?
  • JP: Ugly Betty Ugly Betty
  • PL: Brzydula Betty Brzydula Betty
  • PT: Betty Feia Betty Feia
  • RO: Betty cea urâtã Betty cea urâtã
  • RU: Дурнушка Дурнушка
  • RS: Ružna Beti Ružna Beti
  • SI: Grda racka Grda racka
  • ES: Betty Betty
  • TR: Ugly Betty Ugly Betty
Artists Gina Gershon
as 3 episodes, 2006-2007
Salma Hayek
as Sofia Reyes / 8 episodes, 2006-2007
Debi Mazar
as 2 episodes, 2006
Release date 28 Sep 2006
Genre Comedy Drama Romance
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Ugly Betty 2006