Ubistvo s predumisljajem 1995

Men, women, and war. Jelena Panic is a young woman in Belgrade in the early 1990s, during Serbia's war with Croatia; she's making a book of her grandmother's diaries from the end of World ...

All Titles
  • --: Ubistvo s predumisljajem Ubistvo s predumisljajem
  • FI: Harkittu murha Harkittu murha
  • HU: Előre megfontolt gyilkosság Előre megfontolt gyilkosság
  • PL: Zabójstwo z premedytacja Zabójstwo z premedytacja
  • RU: Преднамеренное убийство Преднамеренное убийство
  • RS: Ubistvo sa pedumišljajem Ubistvo sa pedumišljajem
  • RS: Ubistvo s predumisljajem Ubistvo s predumisljajem
  • --: Premeditated Murder Premeditated Murder
Directed by Gorcin Stojanovic
Artists Nada Blam
as Medicinska sestra 1
Svetozar Cvetkovic
as Debeli
Vladan Dujovic
as Mladi Branko
Release date 15 Nov 1995
Genre Drama Romance
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