Two If by Sea 1996

A couple steals a Matisse painting on contract. They manage to escape the police. The sale takes place 4 days later on an island. Things don't go as planned.

All Titles
  • AL: Zemra të Vjedhura Zemra të Vjedhura
  • AR: Corazones en conficto Corazones en conficto
  • BR: Corações Roubados Corações Roubados
  • BG: Двойно преследване Двойно преследване
  • CA: Deux escrocs en vacances Deux escrocs en vacances
  • DK: Stolen Hearts Stolen Hearts
  • FI: Varastetut sydämet Varastetut sydämet
  • FR: Pour l'amour de l'art Pour l'amour de l'art
  • DE: Gestohlene Herzen Gestohlene Herzen
  • GR: Klemmenes kardies Klemmenes kardies
  • GR: Κλεμμένες Καρδιές Κλεμμένες Καρδιές
  • HU: Képtelen képrablás Képtelen képrablás
  • IE: Stolen Hearts Stolen Hearts
  • IL: Beazman sh'Ganavta Beazman sh'Ganavta
  • IT: Ladri per amore Ladri per amore
  • PL: Skradzione serca Skradzione serca
  • PT: Corações Roubados Corações Roubados
  • RO: Doi Dacã se Apropie de Mare Doi Dacã se Apropie de Mare
  • RO: Inimi furate Inimi furate
  • RU: Украденные сердца Украденные сердца
  • RS: Ukradena srca Ukradena srca
  • SK: Odcudzené Srdcia Odcudzené Srdcia
  • ES: Corazones robados Corazones robados
  • SE: Stolen Hearts Stolen Hearts
  • TR: Kayip Kalpler Kayip Kalpler
  • UA: Stolen Hearts Stolen Hearts
  • : Stolen Hearts Stolen Hearts
Directed by Bill Bennett
Artists Sandra Bullock
as Roz
Yaphet Kotto
as FBI Agent O'Malley
Denis Leary
as Francis 'Frank' O'Brien
Release date 12 Jan 1996
Genre Comedy Crime Romance
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