Turbo 2013

A freak accident might just help an everyday garden snail achieve his biggest dream: winning the Indy 500.

All Titles
  • AR: Turbo Turbo
  • BE: Turbo Turbo
  • BG: Турбо Турбо
  • CA: Turbo Turbo
  • CL: Turbo Turbo
  • HR: Turbo Turbo
  • DE: Turbo - Kleine Schnecke, großer Traum Turbo - Kleine Schnecke, großer Traum
  • GR: Turbo Turbo
  • GR: Τούρμπο Τούρμπο
  • HU: Turbó Turbó
  • IS: Túrbó Túrbó
  • JP: Tâbo Tâbo
  • MX: Turbo Turbo
  • NO: Turbo Turbo
  • PL: Turbo Turbo
  • PT: Turbo Turbo
  • RO: Turbo Turbo
  • RU: Турбо Турбо
  • RS: Turbo Turbo
  • ES: Turbo Turbo
  • TR: Turbo Turbo
  • UA: Турбо Турбо
  • UY: Turbo Turbo
  • VE: Turbo Turbo
  • VN: Tay Dua Sieu Toc Tay Dua Sieu Toc
Directed by David Soren
Artists Samuel L. Jackson
as Whiplash
Kurtwood Smith
as Indy CEO (voice)
Mario Andretti
as Dos Bros Customer / Race Official (voice)
Release date 17 Jul 2013
Genre Animation Adventure Comedy Family Sci-Fi Sport
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