True Detective 2013

Seasonal anthology series in which police investigations unearth the personal and professional secrets of those involved, both within and outside the law.

All Titles
  • AZ: Gerçek Dedektiv Gerçek Dedektiv
  • BG: Истински детектив Истински детектив
  • HR: Pravi detektiv Pravi detektiv
  • CZ: Temny pripad Temny pripad
  • EE: Sünge juhtum Sünge juhtum
  • FR: True Detective True Detective
  • DE: True Detective True Detective
  • GR: True Detective True Detective
  • HU: A törvény nevében A törvény nevében
  • IT: True Detective True Detective
  • LT: Tikras detektyvas Tikras detektyvas
  • PL: Detektyw Detektyw
  • RO: Detectivii din California Detectivii din California
  • RO: Detectivii din Louisiana Detectivii din Louisiana
  • RU: Настоящий детектив Настоящий детектив
  • RS: Pravi detektiv Pravi detektiv
  • SI: Pravi detektiv Pravi detektiv
  • ES: True Detective True Detective
  • TR: True Detective True Detective
  • UA: Справжнiй детектив Справжнiй детектив
  • VN: Tham Tu Chan Chinh Tham Tu Chan Chinh
Artists Ronny Cox
as Catalast Executive / 2 episodes, 2015
Tess Harper
as 1 episode, 2014
David Jensen
as 1 episode, 2019
Release date 12 Jan 2014
Genre Crime Drama Mystery Thriller
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