Triple Frontier 2019

Loyalties are tested when five friends and former special forces operatives reunite to take down a South American drug lord, unleashing a chain of unintended consequences.

All Titles
  • AU: Triple Frontier Triple Frontier
  • BR: Operação Fronteira Operação Fronteira
  • BG: Тройна Граница Тройна Граница
  • CA: Triple frontière Triple frontière
  • CA: Triple Frontier Triple Frontier
  • FR: Triple frontière Triple frontière
  • DE: Triple Frontier Triple Frontier
  • GR: Τριπλό Σύνορο Τριπλό Σύνορο
  • HU: Határok mentén Határok mentén
  • IO: Triple Frontier Triple Frontier
  • IT: Triple Frontier Triple Frontier
  • JP: トリプル・フロンティア トリプル・フロンティア
  • PL: Potrójna granica Potrójna granica
  • PT: Operação Fronteira Operação Fronteira
  • RO: Tripla Frontieră Tripla Frontieră
  • RU: Тройная граница Тройная граница
  • ES: Triple frontera Triple frontera
  • UA: Triple Frontier Triple Frontier
Directed by J.C. Chandor
Artists Ben Affleck
as Tom 'Redfly' Davis
Toneey Acevedo
as Village Elder
Keith Adams
as Professional Soldier 4Runner Driver
Release date 13 Mar 2019
Genre Action Adventure Crime Drama Thriller
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