Trespass 1992

2 firemen in a burning building get a treasure map. Stolen gold church items are hidden in a closed down factory in St. Louis. Once there, they're trapped in by a black gang considering it their territory. Lots of shooting.

All Titles
  • The Looters
  • AR: Oro y cenizas Oro y cenizas
  • BR: Os Saqueadores Os Saqueadores
  • BG: Чужда Собственост Чужда Собственост
  • CA: Les pilleurs Les pilleurs
  • DK: Trespass Trespass
  • FI: Tunkeutujat Tunkeutujat
  • FR: Les pilleurs Les pilleurs
  • DE: Die Rap-Gang Die Rap-Gang
  • GR: Oi arpages Oi arpages
  • GR: Οι Αρπαγες Οι Αρπαγες
  • HU: Trespass Trespass
  • IT: I trasgressori I trasgressori
  • LT: Isibrovimas Isibrovimas
  • NO: Forbudt område Forbudt område
  • PL: Wstep wzbroniony Wstep wzbroniony
  • PT: Predadores Predadores
  • RO: Comoara care ucide Comoara care ucide
  • RU: Нарушение территории Нарушение территории
  • RS: Zabranjen prolaz Zabranjen prolaz
  • SI: Prehod prepovedan Prehod prepovedan
  • ES: El tiempo de los intrusos El tiempo de los intrusos
Directed by Walter Hill
Artists Bill Paxton
as Vince
Ice Cube
as Savon
as King James
Release date 25 Dec 1992
Genre Action Thriller
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