Treasure Island 1934

Young Jim Hawkins is torn between his loyalty to his benefactors and his affection for lovable rogue Long John Silver in their struggle to recover a buried pirate treasure.

All Titles
  • Остров сокровищ
  • AT: Die Schatzinsel Die Schatzinsel
  • BE: L'île au trésor L'île au trésor
  • BR: A Ilha do Tesouro A Ilha do Tesouro
  • BG: Островът на съкровищата Островът на съкровищата
  • DK: Skatteøen Skatteøen
  • FI: Aarresaari Aarresaari
  • FR: L'île au trésor L'île au trésor
  • DE: Die Schatzinsel Die Schatzinsel
  • GR: I nisos ton thisavron I nisos ton thisavron
  • HU: Kincses sziget Kincses sziget
  • IT: L'isola del tesoro L'isola del tesoro
  • PL: Wyspa skarbów Wyspa skarbów
  • PT: A Ilha do Tesouro A Ilha do Tesouro
  • ES: La isla del tesoro La isla del tesoro
  • SE: Skattkammarön Skattkammarön
Directed by Victor Fleming
Artists Lionel Barrymore
as Billy Bones
Wallace Beery
as Long John Silver
Robert Adair
as Tom - Seaman
Release date 17 Aug 1934
Genre Adventure Family
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