Transamerica 2005

A preoperative transgender woman takes an unexpected journey when she learns that she fathered a son, now a teenage runaway hustling on the streets of New York.

All Titles
  • AR: Transamérica Transamérica
  • BR: Transamérica Transamérica
  • BG: Трансамерика Трансамерика
  • CA: Transamerica Transamerica
  • HR: Transamerika Transamerika
  • CZ: Transamerika Transamerika
  • FR: Transamerica Transamerica
  • DE: Transamerica Transamerica
  • GR: Transamerica Transamerica
  • IL: Trans America Trans America
  • LT: Transamerika Transamerika
  • PE: Transamérica Transamérica
  • PT: Transamerica Transamerica
  • RU: Трансамерика Трансамерика
  • RS: Transamerika Transamerika
  • SI: Transamerika Transamerika
  • ES: Transamérica Transamérica
  • TR: Transamerika Transamerika
  • UA: Трансамерика Трансамерика
  • VE: Transamérica Transamérica
Directed by Duncan Tucker
Artists Fionnula Flanagan
as Elizabeth
Graham Greene
as Calvin
Elizabeth Peña
as Margaret
Release date 03 Mar 2006
Genre Adventure Comedy Drama
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