Trading Mom 1994

Three children have had it with their mother, and magically make her disappear. The kids then head out to the "Mommy Market" for a replacement mom.

All Titles
  • The Mommy Market
  • AR: Mi mamá favorita Mi mamá favorita
  • BR: Mamãe Nota 10 Mamãe Nota 10
  • BG: Пазар за майки Пазар за майки
  • CA: Drôle de marché Drôle de marché
  • FI: Unelmaäiti Unelmaäiti
  • FI: Mutsimarkkinat Mutsimarkkinat
  • FR: La mère idéale La mère idéale
  • DE: Mommy Market - Auf der Suche nach der Traummutter Mommy Market - Auf der Suche nach der Traummutter
  • GR: Ziteitai epeigontos mama Ziteitai epeigontos mama
  • GR: Ζητείται επειγόντως μαμά Ζητείται επειγόντως μαμά
  • HU: Vegyünk új mamit! Vegyünk új mamit!
  • IT: A.A.A. mamma cercasi A.A.A. mamma cercasi
  • PL: Jak kupic nowa mame Jak kupic nowa mame
  • PT: Mamã... procura-se Mamã... procura-se
  • RU: Ищу маму Ищу маму
  • ES: Mamá a tu medida Mamá a tu medida
  • SE: Mamma till salu Mamma till salu
  • UA: The Mommy Market The Mommy Market
Directed by Tia Brelis
Artists Sissy Spacek
as Mommy / Mama / Mom / Natasha
Anna Chlumsky
as Elizabeth
Release date 13 May 1994
Genre Comedy Family Fantasy
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