Trading Hearts 1988

A baseball-loving small girl decides to hook up her favorite down-on-his-luck baseball player and her mom, a down-on-her-luck lounge singer. Then her controlling rich granddad tries to force her mother to send the girl to live with him.

All Titles
  • Tweeners
  • BR: Corações Trocados Corações Trocados
  • BR: Garota Esperta Garota Esperta
  • BG: Любовна сделка Любовна сделка
Directed by Neil Leifer
Artists Beverly D'Angelo
as Donna Nottingham
Raul Julia
as Vinnie Iacona
Scott Alan Berk
as Heckler #2 (as Scott Alan)
Release date 27 May 1988
Genre Comedy
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