Torn Curtain 1966

An American scientist publicly defects to East Germany as part of a cloak and dagger mission to find the solution for a formula resin before planning an escape back to the West.

All Titles
  • Разорванный занавес
  • Der zerrissene Vorhang
  • AR: Cortina rasgada Cortina rasgada
  • BR: Cortina Rasgada Cortina Rasgada
  • BG: Разкъсаната завеса Разкъсаната завеса
  • CA: Le rideau déchiré Le rideau déchiré
  • CA: Torn Curtain Torn Curtain
  • DK: Bag jerntæppet Bag jerntæppet
  • FI: Trasig ridå Trasig ridå
  • FI: Revitty esirippu Revitty esirippu
  • FR: Le rideau déchiré Le rideau déchiré
  • GR: Shismeno parapetasma Shismeno parapetasma
  • GR: Σχισμένο παραπέτασμα Σχισμένο παραπέτασμα
  • HU: Szakadt függöny Szakadt függöny
  • IT: Il sipario strappato Il sipario strappato
  • JP: Hikisaka reta kâten Hikisaka reta kâten
  • LT: Praplešta uždanga Praplešta uždanga
  • MX: Cortina rasgada Cortina rasgada
  • NL: Gescheurd Gordijn Gescheurd Gordijn
  • NO: Full alarm Full alarm
  • PL: Rozdarta kurtyna Rozdarta kurtyna
  • PT: Cortina Rasgada Cortina Rasgada
  • RO: Cortina deşirată Cortina deşirată
  • RO: Cortina sfâşiată Cortina sfâşiată
  • RS: Pocepana zavesa Pocepana zavesa
  • SI: Raztrgana zavesa Raztrgana zavesa
  • ES: Cortina esquinçada Cortina esquinçada
  • ES: Cortina rasgada Cortina rasgada
  • SE: En läcka i ridån En läcka i ridån
  • TR: Esrar perdesi Esrar perdesi
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock
Artists Alfred Hitchcock
as Man in Hotel Lobby with Baby
Paul Newman
as Professor Michael Armstrong
Julie Andrews
as Sarah Sherman
Release date 27 Jul 1966
Genre Thriller
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Torn Curtain 1966