Top Secret! 1984

Parody of WWII spy movies in which an American rock and roll singer becomes involved in a Resistance plot to rescue a scientist imprisoned in East Germany.

All Titles
  • UA: Top Secret! Top Secret!
  • AR: Top Secret! Top Secret!
  • BR: Top Secret!: Superconfidencial Top Secret!: Superconfidencial
  • BG: Строго секретно! Строго секретно!
  • CA: Top Secret! Top Secret!
  • CA: Top Secret! Top Secret!
  • DK: Top Secret! Top Secret!
  • FI: Top Secret!: Huippusalaista! Top Secret!: Huippusalaista!
  • FI: Top Secret! - Huippusalaista Top Secret! - Huippusalaista
  • FR: Top Secret! Top Secret!
  • DE: Top Secret Top Secret
  • GR: Akros... trello kai aporrito Akros... trello kai aporrito
  • GR: Άκρως... τρελό και απόρρητο Άκρως... τρελό και απόρρητο
  • HU: Top Secret Top Secret
  • LT: Visiškai slaptai Visiškai slaptai
  • PE: Super secreto Super secreto
  • PL: Scisle tajne Scisle tajne
  • PT: Ultra Secreto Ultra Secreto
  • RO: Top Secret! Top Secret!
  • RS: Strogo poverljivo Strogo poverljivo
  • UA: Совершенно секретно! Совершенно секретно!
  • ES: Top Secret Top Secret
  • TR: Çok Gizli Çok Gizli
  • UY: ¡Super secreto! ¡Super secreto!
  • VE: Super secreto Super secreto
  • UA: Top Secret Top Secret
Directed by Jim Abrahams David Zucker
Artists Val Kilmer
as Nick Rivers
Jim Abrahams
as German Soldier in Prop Room
Release date 08 Jun 1984
Genre Comedy Music
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