Ticker 2001

Action Crime Thriller

After a San Francisco detective's partner is murdered by Northern Irish terrorists, the officer joins the bomb squad in order to bring them to justice.

All Titles
  • AR: Ticker Ticker
  • AT: Ticker Ticker
  • BR: Ticker: Contra o Relógio Ticker: Contra o Relógio
  • BR: Terror em São Francisco Terror em São Francisco
  • BG: Взривна вълна Взривна вълна
  • CA: Le déclic Le déclic
  • FI: Ticker: Kello käy Ticker: Kello käy
  • FR: Explosion imminente Explosion imminente
  • DE: Ticker Ticker
  • HU: Másodpercekre a haláltól Másodpercekre a haláltól
  • IT: Ticker Ticker
  • IT: Ticker - Esplosione finale Ticker - Esplosione finale
  • LT: Laikrodinis mechanizmas Laikrodinis mechanizmas
  • PH: The Other Side of the Law The Other Side of the Law
  • PL: Terrorysta Terrorysta
  • PT: Ticker - Ameaça Infernal Ticker - Ameaça Infernal
  • RO: Ultima secunda Ultima secunda
  • RU: Чaсовой механизм Чaсовой механизм
  • ES: Tiempo límite Tiempo límite
Director Albert Pyun
Artists Steven Seagal
as Frank Glass
Dennis Hopper
as Alex Swan
as Terrorist Commander
Released 23 Jun 2001
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