Ticker 2001

After a San Francisco detective's partner is murdered by Northern Irish terrorists, the officer joins the bomb squad in order to bring them to justice.

All Titles
  • AR: Ticker Ticker
  • AT: Ticker Ticker
  • BR: Ticker: Contra o Relógio Ticker: Contra o Relógio
  • BR: Terror em São Francisco Terror em São Francisco
  • BG: Взривна вълна Взривна вълна
  • CA: Le déclic Le déclic
  • FI: Ticker: Kello käy Ticker: Kello käy
  • FR: Explosion imminente Explosion imminente
  • DE: Ticker Ticker
  • HU: Másodpercekre a haláltól Másodpercekre a haláltól
  • IT: Ticker Ticker
  • IT: Ticker - Esplosione finale Ticker - Esplosione finale
  • LT: Laikrodinis mechanizmas Laikrodinis mechanizmas
  • PH: The Other Side of the Law The Other Side of the Law
  • PL: Terrorysta Terrorysta
  • PT: Ticker - Ameaça Infernal Ticker - Ameaça Infernal
  • RO: Ultima secunda Ultima secunda
  • RU: Чaсовой механизм Чaсовой механизм
  • ES: Tiempo límite Tiempo límite
Directed by Albert Pyun
Artists Steven Seagal
as Frank Glass
Dennis Hopper
as Alex Swan
as Terrorist Commander
Release date 23 Jun 2001
Genre Action Crime Thriller
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