This Is the Night 1932

An affair is almost exposed when Claire's husband unexpectedly returns early from Summer Olympics.

All Titles
  • BR: Esposa Improvisada Esposa Improvisada
  • HR: Ovo je noc Ovo je noc
  • DK: En Nat i Venedig En Nat i Venedig
  • FI: Yö on meidän Yö on meidän
  • FR: La belle nuit La belle nuit
  • DE: Madame verliert ihr Kleid Madame verliert ihr Kleid
  • PL: To jest ta noc To jest ta noc
  • PT: Esposa Improvisada Esposa Improvisada
  • ES: Esta es la noche Esta es la noche
  • SE: Natten är vår Natten är vår
Directed by Frank Tuttle
Artists Cary Grant
as Stephen Mathewson
Irving Bacon
as Sparks
Davison Clark
as Studio Official
Release date 08 Apr 1932
Genre Comedy
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