Third Watch 1999

The exploits of a group of men and women who serve the City of New York as police officers, firemen, and paramedics in the fictional 55th Precinct.

All Titles
  • AR: Emergencias urbanas Emergencias urbanas
  • BR: Parceiros da Vida Parceiros da Vida
  • BG: Трета смяна Трета смяна
  • HR: Heroji iz strasti Heroji iz strasti
  • DK: Aftenvagten Aftenvagten
  • FI: Hädän hetkellä Hädän hetkellä
  • FI: Tredje skiftet Tredje skiftet
  • FR: New York 911 New York 911
  • DE: Third Watch - Einsatz am Limit Third Watch - Einsatz am Limit
  • GR: Third Watch Third Watch
  • HU: Harmadik műszak Harmadik műszak
  • IT: Camelot - Squadra emergenza Camelot - Squadra emergenza
  • IT: Squadra emergenza Squadra emergenza
  • NO: Den tredje vakten Den tredje vakten
  • PL: Brygada ratunkowa Brygada ratunkowa
  • RO: Schimbul trei Schimbul trei
  • RU: Третья смена Третья смена
  • ES: Turno de guardia Turno de guardia
  • SE: Tredje skiftet Tredje skiftet
  • CH: New York 911 New York 911
Artists Ann-Margret
as Barbara Halsted / 3 episodes, 2003
Yancy Butler
as 2 episodes, 2000
Kate Jackson
as 2 episodes, 2004
Release date 23 Sep 1999
Genre Action Crime Drama
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