Thieves' Highway 1949

A war-veteran-turned-truck driver attempts to avenge the crippling and robbing of his father at the hands of an amoral produce scofflaw.

All Titles
  • Воровское шоссе
  • Collision
  • Hard Bargain
  • The Thieves' Market
  • Gefahr in Frisco
  • AT: Der Markt der Diebe Der Markt der Diebe
  • BR: Mercado de Ladrões Mercado de Ladrões
  • CA: Thieves' Highway Thieves' Highway
  • DK: Gadepigen fra Frisco Gadepigen fra Frisco
  • FI: Varkaiden markkinat Varkaiden markkinat
  • FR: Les bas-fonds de Frisco Les bas-fonds de Frisco
  • GR: Άνθρωποι του αίματος Άνθρωποι του αίματος
  • HU: Tolvajok országútja Tolvajok országútja
  • IT: I corsari della strada I corsari della strada
  • PL: Zlodziejski trakt Zlodziejski trakt
  • PT: O Mercado dos Ladrões O Mercado dos Ladrões
  • RO: Soseaua hotilor Soseaua hotilor
  • ES: Mercado de ladrones Mercado de ladrones
  • SE: Tjuvarnas marknad Tjuvarnas marknad
  • TR: Uçurum Yolculari Uçurum Yolculari
  • UY: Mercado de ladrones Mercado de ladrones
  • YU: Drumski razbojnici Drumski razbojnici
Directed by Jules Dassin show all movies of Jules Dassin
Artists Lee J. Cobb
as Mike Figlia
Richard Conte
as Nick Garcos
Release date 10 Oct 1949
Genre Drama Film-Noir Thriller
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