Theodora Goes Wild 1936

The author of a controversially racy best-selling book tries to hide her celebrity status from her provincial small-town neighbors, who'd be scandalized if they knew.

All Titles
  • Теодора сходит с ума
  • BR: Os Pecados de Theodora Os Pecados de Theodora
  • DK: Theodora leger med ilden Theodora leger med ilden
  • FI: Theodora leikkii tulella Theodora leikkii tulella
  • FR: Théodora devient folle Théodora devient folle
  • DE: Theodora wird wild Theodora wird wild
  • GR: Synedrion ithikis Synedrion ithikis
  • HU: Ártatlan Theodora Ártatlan Theodora
  • IT: L'adorabile nemica L'adorabile nemica
  • PL: Teodora robi kariere Teodora robi kariere
  • PT: Os Pecados de Teodora Os Pecados de Teodora
  • ES: Los pecados de Teodora Los pecados de Teodora
  • SE: Theodora leker med elden Theodora leker med elden
Directed by Richard Boleslawski show all movies of Richard Boleslawski
Artists Spring Byington
as Rebecca Perry
Melvyn Douglas
as Michael Grant
Irene Dunne
as Theodora Lynn
Release date 12 Nov 1936
Genre Comedy Romance
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