The Watcher 2000

David is a serial killer of young women. Joel was in charge of catching him in LA. He moved to Chicago a broken man. So did David and sends him photos of his next victims 24 hours before the murders.

All Titles
  • Driven
  • AR: El observador El observador
  • BR: O Observador O Observador
  • BG: Под наблюдение Под наблюдение
  • CA: Regard dangereux Regard dangereux
  • EE: Vaatleja Vaatleja
  • FR: The Watcher The Watcher
  • GR: The Watcher The Watcher
  • GR: O paratiritis O paratiritis
  • GR: Ο Παρατηρητής Ο Παρατηρητής
  • HU: A leskelődő A leskelődő
  • LT: Stebetojas Stebetojas
  • MX: El observador El observador
  • PL: Obserwator Obserwator
  • PT: 24 Horas Para Matar 24 Horas Para Matar
  • RO: Asasinul din vis Asasinul din vis
  • RU: Наблюдатель Наблюдатель
  • RS: Posmatrač Posmatrač
  • ES: Juego asesino Juego asesino
  • TR: Izleyici Izleyici
  • UY: El observador El observador
Directed by Joe Charbanic show all movies of Joe Charbanic
Artists Keanu Reeves
as Griffin
James Spader
as Campbell
Marisa Tomei
as Polly
Release date 08 Sep 2000
Genre Crime Drama Mystery Thriller
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