The Unit 2006

Hour long show which looks at the life of American super-secret operators.

All Titles
  • AR: The Unit The Unit
  • EE: Üksus Üksus
  • FI: Kasvottomat sotilaat Kasvottomat sotilaat
  • FR: The unit - Commando d'élite The unit - Commando d'élite
  • DE: The Unit - Eine Frage der Ehre The Unit - Eine Frage der Ehre
  • GR: The Unit The Unit
  • HU: Az egység Az egység
  • LT: Specialusis burys Specialusis burys
  • PL: Jednostka Jednostka
  • PT: Unidade Especial Unidade Especial
  • RO: Unitatea Unitatea
  • RU: Отряд 'Антитеррор' Отряд 'Антитеррор'
Artists Bai Ling
as 1 episode, 2007
Linda Hunt
as 2 episodes, 2007-2008
James Remar
as 1 episode, 2009
Release date 05 Jun 2006
Genre Action Drama Thriller War
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