The Tiger Hunter 2016

A young Indian man relocates to 1970s Chicago to become an engineer, but when his job falls through, resorts to an elaborate charade with misfit friends in order to woo his childhood sweetheart.

All Titles
  • DE: Mister Malik und die Reise ins Glück Mister Malik und die Reise ins Glück
  • GR: Ο κυνηγός τίγρης Ο κυνηγός τίγρης
  • IR: Shekarchi e Babr Shekarchi e Babr
Directed by
Artists Kevin Pollak
as Frank Womack
Richard Halpern
as Interviewer 2
Patricia Belcher
as Sandy - HR Officer
Release date 22 Sep 2017
Genre Comedy
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