The Third Wheel 2002

A man accidentally hits a homeless person with his car and then can't seem to get rid of him the rest of the night.

All Titles
  • AR: Triángulo amoroso Triángulo amoroso
  • BR: Triângulo Amoroso Triângulo Amoroso
  • CA: Une soirée parfaire Une soirée parfaire
  • HR: Smetalo Smetalo
  • FI: Kolmas pyörä Kolmas pyörä
  • FR: Une soirée parfaite Une soirée parfaite
  • DE: Hilfe, ich habe ein Date! Hilfe, ich habe ein Date!
  • GR: Epidoxos erastis Epidoxos erastis
  • GR: Επίδοξος εραστής Επίδοξος εραστής
  • IT: Duetto a tre Duetto a tre
  • LT: Trys - jau minia Trys - jau minia
  • PL: Trzeci do pary Trzeci do pary
  • RU: Третий лишний Третий лишний
  • SI: Nadleznez Nadleznez
  • ES: Una noche perfecta Una noche perfecta
  • TR: Davetsiz misafir Davetsiz misafir
Directed by Jordan Brady show all movies of Jordan Brady
Artists Ben Affleck
as Michael
Matt Damon
as Kevin
Denise Richards
as Diana Evans
Release date 31 May 2002
Genre Comedy Romance
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