The Terminal 2004

An Eastern European tourist unexpectedly finds himself stranded in JFK airport, and must take up temporary residence there.

All Titles
  • Terminal
  • La terminal
  • AR: La terminal La terminal
  • BR: O Terminal O Terminal
  • BG: Терминалът Терминалът
  • CA: Le terminal Le terminal
  • HR: Terminal Terminal
  • CZ: Terminál Terminál
  • DK: Terminalen Terminalen
  • EE: Terminal Terminal
  • FI: Terminaali Terminaali
  • FR: Le terminal Le terminal
  • DE: Terminal Terminal
  • GR: The Terminal The Terminal
  • HU: Terminál Terminál
  • IT: The Terminal The Terminal
  • LT: Terminalas Terminalas
  • MX: La terminal La terminal
  • NO: Terminalen Terminalen
  • PE: La terminal La terminal
  • PL: Terminal Terminal
  • PT: Terminal de Aeroporto Terminal de Aeroporto
  • RO: Terminalul Terminalul
  • RU: Терминал Терминал
  • SI: Terminal Terminal
  • ES: La terminal La terminal
  • TR: Terminal Terminal
  • UA: Термiнал Термiнал
  • UY: La terminal La terminal
Directed by Steven Spielberg show all movies of Steven Spielberg
Artists Tom Hanks
as Viktor Navorski
Stanley Tucci
as Frank Dixon
Catherine Zeta-Jones
as Amelia Warren
Release date 18 Jun 2004
Genre Comedy Drama Romance
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