The Strange Love of Molly Louvain 1932

Molly Louvain's plans for a respectable marriage with her sweetheart Jimmy fall through so she takes to the road with a two-bit crook and becomes wanted by the police in connection with a high-profile crime.

All Titles
  • Tinsel Girl
  • The Tinsel Lady
  • BR: Há Mulheres Assim Há Mulheres Assim
  • ES: ¿Hay mujeres así? ¿Hay mujeres así?
  • SE: Polisens lockbete Polisens lockbete
  • : Molly Louvain Molly Louvain
Directed by Michael Curtiz
Artists Hank Mann
as Harley - a Reporter
Ben Alexander
as Jimmy's College Friend
Louise Beavers
as Washroom Attendant
Release date 28 May 1932
Genre Crime Drama Romance
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